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Electronic Health Records
Rush's electronic medical record-keeping system enhances every aspect of the patient experience, from admissions to discharge, and helps improve overall safety, efficiency and quality of care.

Rush's leadership in the use of electronic medical records is why U.S.News & World Report recently named Rush one of the nation's Most Connected Hospitals.

Rush's electronic medical record system provides the following:
  • A simplified, campus-wide registration system, enabling patients to register only once per visit, even if they are seeing multiple physicians.
  • Real-time information that enables caregivers to identify patient concerns even more promptly, and immediately receive alerts for medication interactions or duplicate orders.
  • Point-of-care documentation that enables caregivers to enter information immediately into a patient's record while at the bedside.
  • The ability to improve safety by checking patient information (such as medication allergies) using bar code technology on patient wristbands
  • Enhanced communication among clinicians, enabling caregivers to collaborate more efficiently on patient cases.
  • The capability for convenient interaction between patients and clinicians via the Internet, such as scheduling appointments and requesting prescription refills.